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/SAPSLL/SPL_CHECK_SCENARIO_A2 - Check Changed Document Addresses

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This program performs the sanctioned party list screening for all documents that have been blocked as the result of an address change for an assigned partner. These modified document addresses are checked against the corresponding SPL addresses. The user can override the result of each address checked prior to the update.



During activation of SPL screening at item level, you must select asynchronous SPL screening.

During asynchronous SPL screening, the system does not perform SPL screening for modified addresses during the document transfer to the customs server. The SPL block is set here for any address change in the document, without any additional check. This program should be run to check the block and release the document if the result of SPL screening is positive.

If synchronous SPL screening is activated, the system performs SPL screening for modified addresses and blocks the associated document if necessary during the document transfer. No additional check is required here. These documents are not selected here.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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