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/SAPSLL/SPL_COMPRESS_STERMS - Assign Values to Comparison Index for Sanction List

ABAP Short Reference   Vendor Master (General Section)  
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Summarize SPL Search Terms


The following selection requirements are available:

,,- Legal regulation

,,- List type

,,- Number of words remaining

,,,,The number entered applies to each SPL entity. The number of words remaining ,,,,is defined for each address part and name part of the entity:

,,,,Words of the following origin belong to the name part:

,,,,,,- Name

,,,,Words of the following origin belong to the address part:

,,,,,,- Street

,,,,,,- P.O. box

,,,,,,- City

,,,,,,- City for

,,,,,,- Place of residence

,,,,,,- Postal code for city

,,,,,,- Postal code for place of residence

,,,,,,- Postal code for company

,,,,,,- for country

,,,,,,- Country of ID card

,,,,,,- Region

,,,,,,- Region for


Following selection, the system displays the list of all search terms found using these criteria. The search term origin, actual search term, percentage frequency of occurrence and the maximum percentage frequency defined are displayed.

Terms for deletion can be selected using the selection buttons located on the left hand border of the list. The "Delete Terms" button is used to start this transaction.

The system displays a log that contains both successful and unsuccessful deletion attempts following deletion. A search term cannot be deleted for some SPL entities if this would result in the minimum number of words remaining being undershot.

ABAP Short Reference   rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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