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Automated loading of master records from sanctioned party lists to SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS)


The 'Upload SPL Data' program is used to load SPL master data to SAP GTS using an XML file.


An SPL record is identified uniquely by the following data:
- Legal regulation
- Sanctioned party list type
- Data provider
- SPL number

If the system recognizes that an SPL record to be loaded already exists in the system, the SPL data for the existing SPL record is replaced by the data in the new record. If no corresponding SPL record exists in the system, a new record is created.

The 'Upload SPL Data' program does not delete any SPL records. If you only want to save the current SPL data in the system, you should archive the SPL master data for the respective legal regulation and delete this data from the database before you perform the upload.




Standard Variants



When new SPL data is loaded into the system, any existing comparison indexes for the respective legal regulation lose their validity from this point and can no longer be used for SPL screening. These indexes are therefore deleted from the database before the new SPL is updated. This ensures that SPL screening cannot be performed using an invalid index.
Indexes can be saved on a temporary basis in an optimized form in an index table in the database or the application server memory, to which SPL screening has extremely fast access during the runtime, to improve the performance of SPL screening. The index table and the memory contain initial values during the 'Upload of SPL Data'.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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