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/SAPSLL/XPRA_GTS71_LEGCULC - GTS 3.0 -> 7.1: XPRA: Customs Shipment/Declaration: LEGCULC Entries

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You have to run this report after the upgrade from GTS 3.0 to GTS 7.1. You use it to convert table /SAPSLL/LEGCULC (customs shipment/customs declaration: duties) and the Customizing tables for duty structures /SAPSLL/TLC_ASC and /SAPSLL/TLC_ASE.



You only have to run the XPRA report if you upgrade the SAP GTS system from Release 3.0 or 2.0 to a higher release and if customs shipments and/or customs declarations exist for the SAP GTS Customs Processing component.


In Release 3.0 and earlier, the values and currencies (for the customs value, for example) are determined based on fixed logic. This approach has been replaced by a new function that you can configure in the IMG. The XPRA fills the new fields in accordance with the existing logic. In theory, it is only necessary to fill these fields for open processes, to ensure they can be communicated to the customs authorities correctly in accordance with the previous logic.

The report does not change the contents of existing fields.



Read all entries in table /SAPSLL/LEGCULC for customs shipments / customs declarations with property /SAPSLL/LEGCULC-TLC_TVAR = initial or NULL (not defined).


Read all entries in tables /SAPSLL/TLC_ASC and /SAPSLL/TLC_ASE with property TLC_TVAR = initial or NULL (not defined).


The TLC_TVAR field (amount rule) is set in all tables according to the following logic:

IF VALTY EQ '002'  OR           "(customs value)                              

  VALTY EQ '003'               "(statistical value)                            

TLC_TVAR =  ' '                                              


TLC_TVAR = 'B'                                              


The values of field TLC_TVAR listed above have the following meanings:

  • ' ' ,,,,Proportional amount in the customs currency
  • 'B',,,,Proportional amount in the original currency

The new fields /SAPSLL/LEGCULC-AMNT_TRA (amount) and /SAPSLL/LEGCULC-CUR_TRA (currency ) in table /SAPSLL/LEGCULC for transmission to the customs authorities are filled in accordance with the configured amount rule (field TLC_TVAR).



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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