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/SAPSLL/XPRA_GTS900_TPFONO - GTS 8.0 -> 10.0: XPRA: Preference: Assign Agreement to Rule Set

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The existing assignment of an agreement to a rule set is defined by fields LGREG and PFONA in database table /SAPSLL/T606G. This assignment is one to one, which means an agreement can be assigned to only one rule set. In the application, however, an agreement can be assigned to several rule sets – for example, the NAFTA agreement, for which several rule sets are issued by the individual countries. The new database table /SAPSLL/TPFONO enables multiple assignment. Different rule sets define different preference rules, which in turn form the basis for preference processing.


The previous data regarding the assignment of agreement to rule set in database table /SAPSLL/T606G must be copied to the new database table, /SAPSLL/TPFONO.



This involves the legal regulation in the preferences area for agreements.


The legal regulations are selected under type preference law (/SAPSLL/T606G-REGTY = "06") for agreements.

Standard Variants


The selected data is copied and written to database table /SAPSLL/TPFONO.


You run this XPRA to copy the data.


The NAFTA agreement was defined between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Therefore, up to three rule sets can exist for this agreement: one each from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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