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/SAPSMOSS/RQMELL10 - Single-Level List - Quality Notification

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Using this report, you can generate a list of quality notifications that you can display or change.


Quality notifications exist in the system.

List and list variant


The system creates a list according to the selection criteria you have specified on the selection screen. For performance reasons, you should use a list variant.

Creating a list variant

On the list screen under Settings -→ Display variants -→ Current, select the desired fields.
Save the variant under Settings -→ Display variants -→ Save.
Result: You can select the variant on the selection screen.


If you selected a reference field on the selection screen under Ref. field monitor, a traffic-light appears in the second column of the list. You can select the following reference fields:

Processing priority

  • Highest,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,,red light
  • Second highest,, ,, ,, ,,yellow light
  • Remaining,, ,, ,, ,, ,,green light

Time frame/notification deadline:

  • Lies in the future,, ,, ,,green light
  • Is current,, ,, ,, ,, ,,yellow light
  • Lies in the past,, ,, ,, ,,red light

List functions

You can:

  • Sort a column in ascending or descending order
  • Set and delete a filter
  • Set columns for horizontal scrolling
  • Optimize the column widths so the columns are as wide as the longest texts
  • Switch between the display and change modes using the display/change function
  • Call up the associated notification, item, task, activity, or order after you select an entry
  • These functions for evaluation use:
  • Graphics

  • Portfolio

  • Spreadsheets

  • Schedule graphics (Goto)

  • Select additional fields (Settings -→ Display variants -→ Current)
  • Set up a telephone connection if your PC has a telephone link (entered in transaction SPHA). In this case, the system displays a pushbutton with a telephone. Depending on the selected entry, the system displays the caller's number, vendors, customers, person who made change, author, or person who created the notification.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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