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Run this report to configure the Advanced XML Monitor (/SAPSRM/ADV_XML_MONITOR). The Advanced XML Monitor is an enhanced and SRM-specific version of the standard monitor Integration Engine: Monitor (SXMB_MONI).

Based on the SAP NetWeaver user-defined message search function, the Advanced XML Monitor allows you to retrieve messages and, for example, check whether central contracts are correctly distributed to SAP ERP systems.





The following options for the activation of user-defined message search are available:

  • Activation of Filters for User-Defined Message Search
  • Activate Created Filters
    Select this checkbox to activate all filters automatically. If you do not select this checkbox, you must activate all filters one by one in transaction User-Defined Message Search Configuration (SXMS_LMS_CONF).

  • Overwrite Extractors
    Select this checkbox to update existing filters.

  • Method of Extraction
    The following extractions types are available:
  • Extract During Message Processing
    Select this method if you want the attributes to be extracted from the selected messages while these messages are processed.

  • Extract with External Job
    Select this method if you want to extract attributes from messages that were already processed, or if you want to change the extraction of attributes from messages for which attributes were already extracted. For this method you must schedule report User-Defined Indexing (SXMS_EXTRACT_MESSAGES).

  • Clean Up
    Select the Delete LMS Configuration checkbox to clean up the previously created filters.
  • Display Log
    Select this checkbox to display the detailed log after you have run the report.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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