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/SAPTRX/EH_LAST_EVT_LIST - Event handler List with the last event message

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Event Handler List with the Last Event Message


Provides a list of event handlers with the latest event that has been sent to the Event Manager.





The selection screen consists of the following sections:

  • Event Handler Identification: Event handlers to be identified by the Event Manager.
  • Processing: Criteria for identification of event handlers by the Event Manager (for example, event handler type, rule set).
  • Management Data: Contains date and time of creating and updating event handlers.
  • Event Identification: Specific event code to search for event handlers (for example, list of event handlers that have the last event Delay).

Additional data displays a second screen. You can add selection criteria from the extension tables.

Choose specific event handler types from the selection screen in order to add selection criteria from the corresponding extension tables (each event handler type has only one extension table).

From the resulting list you can get:

  • The event message details by selecting a row and using Event Message Details or by double-clicking the selected row.
  • The event handler details by selecting a row and using Event Handler Details.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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