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/SAPTRX/EVM_STATUS_ADM - Event message status- Administrator

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Event Message Status by Client.


Retrieves event messages that are sent to the Event Manager in different clients. This report is particularly useful for the administrator of the Event Manager.





Use different criteria to limit your data selection. The event messages are saved and retrieved whether they are processed or not. Limit your selection to processed messages, unprocessed or invalid messages, or all messages:

  • Processed messages: Messages that are processed successfully by the Event Manager. The icon is green.
  • Unprocessed messages: Messages that are not processed by the Event Manager because something is wrong. The icon is yellow.
For example, you send an event message for an event handler that does not exist.
  • Invalid messages: Messages that contain invalid data. The icon is red.
For example: an event message that does not contain the tracking ID.
  • All: Regroups processed, unprocessed and invalid messages.

From the event message overview you can get the event message details by double-clicking the selected row or by using Details.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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