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/SCA/SCON_ASNINDICATOR_DELETE - Delete Old Assignment Indicators

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SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP ICH) automatically sets an assignment indicator for published advanced shipping notifications (ASNs). The indicator is relevant to the Update Supplier Confirmations Using ASNs report (/SCA/SCON_CLOSE_BY_ASN_N_ALERT) that is used for extended confirmation management. The report assigns ASNs to confirmations. To prevent the report being able to assign an already assigned ASN to other supplier confirmations, the report deletes the assignment indicator of this ASN. This also enables a faulty or terminated update run to be repeated.

SAP ICH stores the assignment indicator in the database table /SCMB/DM_SCONASN. The report for updating confirmations runs on a daily basis in the standard scenario and deletes assignment indicators after the ASNs have been assigned successfully. For that reason, the number of table entries should not exceed the number of ASNs that you receive during a period of two days. In the following cases, however, the number of table entries can increase over time:

  • You are not using the report for updating supplier confirmations for all customers, locations, or products.
  • You receive ASNs with a shipping date in the past.

To reduce the size of the database table /SCMB/DM_SCONASN, you can use the report /SCA/SCON_ASNINDICATOR_DELETE to delete assignment indicators that are at least two days old. The speed at which the size of the table increases determines the frequency with which you have to run the report.




You can enter a number of days. The report deletes the assignment indicators of ASNs whose shipping date is at least the given number of days in the past.

Standard Variants


The report outputs the number of deleted assignment indicators.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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