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/SCA/TSDM_TSPLOBJ_CHECK - TSDM Planning Object Consistency Check

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You use this report to identify and delete upon request time series data management (TSDM) data that has no link to a planning object in the planning object structure.

You must specify a time series data area. The report checks all database tables in the time series data area for consistency. This includes the key figure table, states table, notes table, key figure history table, states history table and the internal states table.

The package size parameter indicates how many database entries are to be processed at a time.

Once the data is read, the TSDM characteristic objects (CHOBJ) are converted to planning objects. Then the characteristic values of the planning objects are retrieved by calling the method GET_PLOBS_BY_PLOBJ in the class /SAPAPO/CL_SCMB_PSTRU_PLOB. If a planning object does not exist, the data in the TSDM table will be deleted.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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