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Delete document flow networks of archived delivery items.



You have installed note 1548151.

This note changes the way how delivery document archiving handles document flow data during archiving. With this note, the deletion of delivery request documents does not trigger the deletion of the corresponding document flow networks.


The report enables the deletion of those document flow network objects (nodes and links) where the represented EWM document object has already been archived and deleted from the system. The following rules apply:

  • All levels of the document flow networks (that is, requests and orders) have to be archived and deleted. The report does not process archive files that have other status than 'Deleted'.

  • A document flow node can only be deleted if no more links point to it. This ensures that a node is not deleted if there is still at least one active delivery document item that has a link to this particular node. In case of overlapping document flow networks this prevents occurrence of inconsistencies due to deleted node of an active document's network.

  • The document flow network can be deleted only if the node representing the order document is contained in the selected archive file.


  • Parameters of the block Select Archive Files enable you to select one or more archive files filtered by name or archive file creation date and time.
  • Processing parameter Simulation enables you to perform deletion without actually committing any database changes. This way you can check, what would be the result for the selected files.
  • Processing parameter Package Size enables you to control the memory consumption of the report. This figure determines how many document flow networks are deleted at once. If deletion of a package was successful, the changes of this package are immediately committed to the database. If package size is set to 0 then the complete document flow content of an archive file is processed in one package (not recommended for large files).
  • Processing parameter Detailed Log enables you to define the number of returned messages:
  • If this option is set to true, a message is displayed for each delivery item where the deletion was successful.

  • If this option is set to false (the default value), a message is displayed for each successfully processed data package.

Standard Variants


The results of the report are displayed in a standard Business Application Log message display dialog.

In case of batch job execution the results are saved to the Business Application Log and can be viewed in the transaction Analyse Application Log (SLG1).Filter by the following parameters:

  • Subobject: ARCHIVING
  • External ID: DF Arch.Deletion
  • Time Restriction: the desired interval

If for the desired interval there are more logs then search by the log number contained in the job log.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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