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/SCDL/ODO_CDS_RED_UPD - Redundant Header and Item Data for Outbound Delivery Order

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You use this report to write redundant header and item data for outbound delivery orders into the databases. The redundant data contains, for example, the related information about date and time in the warehouse time zone. You run this report when you want to analyze the outbound delivery orders based on Core Data Service (CDS) views.


This report writes redundant date and time information on the header and item levels for the outbound delivery orders.

You can also specify the following restrictions for the display using the fields below:

  • Warehouse Number
  • Document Type (document types of outbound delivery orders)
  • Created On
  • Completed
  • If you select this checkbox, you only update the completed outbound delivery orders ( DCOstatus type = Completed)

  • If you do not select this checkbox, you update all outbound delivery orders regardless of their statuses

  • Simulation

The result of updated outbound delivery order headers and items are displayed in the SAP List Viewer. The system displays the following information by default:

  • Number of outbound delivery order headers updated
  • Number of outbound delivery order items updated


  • Your databases must be SAP HANA databases.
  • You have the Change(activity '02') authorization in the /SCWM/DLV authorization object.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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