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/SCF/CFAUTHADMIN - cFolders Authorithy Administration Report

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This report provides you with a simple way of maintaining the cFolders authorization.

As selection parameter enter a supplier and a customer to identify a collaboration name. If no collaboration exists the report creates the collaboration except in a test run.

If you check the checkbox Overwrite Existing Entries the report deletes all authorizations from the collaboration,and from the root folder and generates the necessary authorizations for all internet users who belong to the supplier and customer.

If you check the checkbox Add Missing Entries the report doesn't delete authorizations, it adds the missing ones. However, if a user has an authorization which is higher than the generated one, the higher authorization is not overwritten.

The report adds a read authorization to the collaboration.

It adds the following authorizations to the root folder:

  • Write

  • CreateFol

  • CreateDoc

  • Delete (If it was set on the selection screen)

If you check the Test Run checkbox, the report displays the changes but does not set them in the PLM system.

The report writes to a standard application log.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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