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/SCFC/SRC_SIMULATION - Simulation of Partner Ascertainment

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Using the partner ascertainment simulation function of SCM Fulfillment Coordination (FC), you can execute partner ascertainment without FC being called by another system (mySAP CRM, for example).


For integration with SAP R/3 or SAP APO systems that are to be used within the simulation of partner ascertainment, that which is described in the Business Scenario Configuration Guide applies.


Make sure that the prerequisites named in the Business Scenario Configuration Guide for Fulfillment Coordination and the SAP R/3 and SAP APO systems used for an ATP check have been met.

In particular, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The Customizing of FC must be maintained accordingly
  • The Customizing of ATP in the SAP R/3 or SAP APO systems that are to be used for the simulation of partner ascertainment must be maintained accordingly.
  • The RFC connections between FC and the SAP R/3 or SAP APO systems used must have been set up.

All systems involved (FC,SAP R/3 and SAP APO) must be maintained in the System Landscape Directory (SLD).


Using partner ascertainment simulation, you can currently call Global ATP in SAP APO and local ATP in SAP R/3 for SAP CRM.


You enter the parameters that partner ascertainment needs, and which are normally transferred to partner ascertainment by the calling system.

Technical Parameters

In the System Landscape Directory (SLD) used, you enter the used description of the business system whose call of partner ascertainment is to be simulated.

Moreover, you set the following:

  • Whether the application log for partner ascertainment is to be displayed.
  • Whether the result of partner ascertainment is to be displayed.

Master and Organizational Data

Here, you specify the product and the location for which partner ascertainment is to be executed. You must specify the product.

Date and Quantity

Here, you specify the requested date and the requested quantity for partner ascertainment.


Here, you can specify an FC profile and a partner ascertainment profile, although the system can determine a partner ascertainment profile via the FC profile. If you explicitly specify a partner ascertainment profile in the selection parameters, this overrides the partner ascertainment profile that, if necessary, is found via the FC profile.

Field Catalog

If you select the 'field catalog' pushbutton, a dialog box, which you can use to enter the field catalog, appears. The simulation of partner ascertainment uses this field catalog. The field catalog is also transferred to the functions called by partner ascertainment for the ATP check (such as Global ATP in SAP APO or local ATP in SAP R/3) for CRM and used there.

Global ATP in SAP APO

If a rules-based ATP check is executed within Global ATP in SAP APO, this is always, on the part of partner ascertainment simulation, called using action type 'A'. Keep this in mind when maintaining the Customizing of APO.

Parameters for Local ATP

If you select the pushbutton 'Parameters for Local ATP', you can specify parameters that are specifically needed when executing local ATP in SAP R/3. When calling partner ascertainment via SAP CRM, the system transfers these parameters from SAP CRM via FC to local ATP in SAP R/3. The following parameters are concerned:

  • sold-to party and ship-to party
Here, you enter the partner role and the number of the corresponding partner for the sold-to party and the ship-to party in SAP R/3. Alternatively, you can specify the partner GUID of SAP CRM.
Make sure that input help is only available when you have distributed partner data in FC.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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