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The report reads the document flow networks (records of nodes, links and link properties) from the chosen archive file and loads them back to the database. After the operation the report deletes the archive file and displays a log about how many records have been reloaded.

This report serves exclusively example purposes, to enable application developers to test and check how the relevant functions of the archiving class /SCMB/DF are triggered.


This report is referenced in the archive object /SCMB/DF (you can check in transaction AOBJ).

There are three related reports assigned to the same archive object in the package /SCMB/FLOW_NET as examples for the other archiving functionalities:

The /SCMB/DF_ARCHIVE_WRITE report writes into the archive file from the database.

The /SCMB/DF_ARCHIVE_DELETE deletes the database entries after the archive file is ready.

The /SCMB/DF_ARCHIVE_READ reads the given archive file.


You have maintained the Customizing settings for archive object /SCMB/DF and for archiving class /SCMB/DF.



The report can be started in 2 modes:

Test mode: the report only counts the affected records and displays it in a log.

Productive mode: the report writes records back into the database and deletes the archive file and displays the log.

Standard Variants


Result of reloading from the archive is displayed.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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