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This report is an example to show how the archive write functionality of document flow data can be triggered in an application's own archive write report. The respective functions of archiving class /SCMB/DF are called by ADK during running an archive write program, and the applications have to call the function module /SCMB/DF_ARCHIVE_OBJECT in order to pass selection data for document flow networks to be archived. Based on this selection the archiving class of document flow collects all nodes of the network. In addition /SCMB/DF archiving class also triggers the SOBL archiving class to archive all links and link attributes of the selected node objects.

This report serves exclusively example/testing purposes, to enable application developers to test and check, how the relevant functions of the archiving class /SCMB/DF are triggered!


This report is referenced in the archive object /SCMB/DF (you can check in transaction AOBJ).

There are three related reports assigned to the same Archive Object in the package /SCMB/FLOW_NET as examples for the other archiving functionalities:

The /SCMB/DF_ARCHIVE_DELETE deletes Document Flow networks written into the selected archive file from the database.

The /SCMB/DF_ARCHIVE_READ report reads the Document Flow entries from an archive session/file.

The /SCMB/DF_ARCHIVE_RELOAD loads the content of the archive file into the database.


You have maintained the Customizing settings for archive object /SCMB/DF and for archiving class /SCMB/DF.



Document Flow network selection:

Document Number: the readable document number of the starting node of the networks.

Item Number: the readable item number of the starting node of the networks (if valid).

Document Category: Category of the starting node.

Evaluation Direction: direction in which the network needs to be read (forward, backward or both).

Depth Forward: number of succeeding nodes to be read from the network.

Depth Backward: number of preceding nodes to be read from the network.

Completeness: read complete network in the defined directions and distances or only direct predecessors and successors of the starting node.

Delete Network: this flag indicates, if the selected networks need to be flagged for deletion or not. If not, then a subsequent delete report run will not remove data from the database written into the archive.

You can select similar networks for archiving in one run: the type of the starting node and the extent of the network is the same.

The report can be started in 2 modes:

Test mode: the document flow networks subject for archiving is only counted and reported to the user.

Productive mode: the document flow networks selected based on the settings are written into archive and record counters of the individual written structures are displayed. Also a count of the link and link attribute data records written into the archive by the SOBL archiving class is displayed.

Standard Variants


Result of writing into archive is displayed.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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