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/SCMB/ODM_DATA_CHECK - ODM: Check Consistency of Order Documents

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You can use this report to check the consistency of the order documents stored in order document management (ODM)

This check is independent of the applications that use ODM. That is why you can only execute simple consistency checks of the structure of the order documents during the check.


You cannot use this report to check the contents of the order documents. The application must ensure that the order documents are correct.


You can only use the report once you have activated the settings of order document management. You have already executed activation in Customizing. For more information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) of order document management under Activate Settings in Order Document Management.

During activation, the system creates, amongst others, the database tables of the order data areas in which order documents are stored.


The report displays a list of the components that have inconsistent entries.

After a confirmation prompt, you can delete the inconsistent entries from the report. You can only delete all faulty records at once using the report.


You can limit the search for inconsistent data to one or several order data areas.

You can further limit the search by specifying order document types and their versions. This limitation is thus make sense when, for example, you use an order data area for more than one order document type.

You can check the following aspects:

  • Consistency check
    In ODM, order documents are stored in a hierarchical structure. An order document can have up to three hierarchy levels and then consists of header, item and schedule line.
  • Check references
    A reference is the link between two documents. The application can specify the purpose of the link using a link category.

Standard Variants


The report displays a list of the components that have inconsistent entries. Furthermore, the report displays the order data types and the components of the order data areas that have inconsistent entries. In addition, the report displays the database table assigned and the number of faulty entries for each component.

The report does not display order data areas or components of order data areas in which no inconsistent entries were found.


Double-clicking on the component, the order data type or the order data area takes you to the relevant Customizing settings (only display).

Double-clicking on the table description takes you to the ABAP Dictionary to display the definition of the table.

If you double-click on the number of faulty records, these are displayed. The records are displayed in the technical format in which they are stored in the database.

If you leave the display of the results list, the faulty records are deleted after a check query.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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