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/SCMB/TEST_DIST_EMISSIONS - Calculate Distance-Related Emissions

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You use this report to calculate emissions based on distance.

You can integrate your distance emission calculations into application-specific functions for information purposes only, but you can also manage business processes based on your distance emission calculations.

You can also define distance emission factors and assign these to a transportation mode and a means of transport.



If you want to assign distance emission factors to a means of transport or a transportation mode, you have to do so in the relevant Customizing activities in SAP Transportation Management. Distance emission factors are not generally available in SCM Basis.



On the selection screen, you can do the following:

  • Enter a distance
The distance can be determined by the standard distance determination component.
  • Enter a distance unit
  • Select a transportation mode (optional)
  • Select a means of transport (optional)

Standard Variants


As result, the system displays the amount of carbon emissions and a carbon emission unit.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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