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/SCMB/TEST_GIS - Test GIS Infrastructure

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You use this report to test the setup of the GIS (Geographical Information System) in a system. GIS is used to geocode addresses (such as locations) and to determine distance. For more information, see the application documentation.

The following checks are available:

  • Standard GIS Infrastructure: If you select this option, the report checks whether the system is configured for the standard SAP GIS infrastructure and whether this GIS infrastructure responds correctly. If you use a different GIS setup, this check is not required.
  • Geocoding: The report checks all of the Customizing settings that are required for geocoding and executes test requests in order to check the quality of the result that is returned.
  • Check Standard Coordinates: The report checks that the standard coordinates maintained in the system are complete.
  • Distance Determination: The report checks all of the Customizing settings that are required for determining distances and executes test requests to verify that an external GIS is configured correctly.

You can specify that the system is to send notification of a failed check by e-mail.





You can select each check separately.

Standard Variants


The report displays a detailed list of check messages and indicates any errors.



You can select the Standard GIS Infrastructure check option, enter a valid e-mail address of a recipient, and schedule this report to run in batch mode on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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