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/SCMTMS/MP_SCHED_CREATE_TOR - Creation of Schedule-Based Freight Documents

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You use this report to create freight documents based on the departures of one or more schedules.





On the entry screen, you can choose to create the following freight documents:

  • Air bookings
  • Ocean bookings
  • Road freight orders
  • Rail freight orders

For the different freight document types, you can select the respective departures by entering the following selection criteria:

Selection CriteriaAir BookingsOcean BookingsFreight Orders
Airline codesx--
Flight numbersx--
Start date/timexxx
End date/timexxx
Time zonexxx 

In addition, you can generate the master air waybill number for your air bookings.

Standard Variants

By default, if a freight document already exists for a specific date, an additional freight document is not created.



All departures that match the selection criteria and all freight documents that have been created are written to the log. If you select the Display Selected Departures checkbox on the Technical Settings screen, you can display the selected departures before you create the freight documents. All log entries are stored in the application log (object: /SCMTMS/TMS, subobject: PLN).

We recommend that you delete obsolete log entries at regular intervals (Delete Application Log).

Error Handling

There are two different types of errors or messages:

  • Errors or messages during departure selection
In the first step, the system selects departures based on the selection criteria. It displays these departures, for example, if you have selected the Display Selected Departures checkbox on the Technical Settings screen. On this screen, you can also select the Cancel if Selection Error Occurs checkbox to specify that the system does not create any freight bookings and cancels processing if errors occur during selection.
  • Errors during freight booking creation
In the second step the system creates the freight bookings based on the selected departures in a master flight schedule. If you have selected the Cancel if Creation Error Occurs checkbox on the Technical Settings screen, the system cancels processing if errors occur.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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