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/SCMTMS/TEND_UPD_RESP_AWARD_ST - Update Award Status of Freight Quotations of Closed Tendering Process

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Due to a program error, there might be freight quotations with award status Evaluated, Award Pending even though the respective tendering has already been completed. SAP Note 2166267 ensuresthat no new inconsistent freight quotations are created. However, this SAP Note does not fix already inconsistent business documents. You need to fix them with this migration report.


There are freight quotations in the system with award status Evaluated, Award Pending, which belong to a tendering process with life cycle status Completed.



The freight quotations can be selected for the date on which they were last changed.

You can decide if the last run is to be continued and if current progress is to be displayed. Further, your can decide if the report is to be executed in simulation mode. In this case, no data changes are saved to the database.

Standard Variants


The report changes the award status of the corrupt freight quotations to Rejected.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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