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You use this report to identify transshipment locations. The report evaluates how transportation master data is set up in terms of locations and their assigned transshipment locations. Transshipment locations can be assigned directly to locations, but also to transportation zones. This assignment is taken into account during transportation planning and affects the planning result. Incorrect setup of the transportation master data is difficult to detect since the assignments are determined in the back-end system and are not visible to the user.



You have defined the following objects:

  • Locations
  • Transshipment locations that are assigned to locations
  • Connecting transportation lanes


This test report enables you to check how the system determines the transshipment location assignments, including the entire geographical hierarchy and all available settings such as the search depth and direct transshipment location connections.

It is also possible to consider implicit transshipment location assignments defined by schedules or bookings. See application documentation for a description of this assignment.


  1. Enter the required options and restrictions in the Options screen area.
  2. Enter a location.
  3. Choose Execute.

Standard Variants


The system displays all of the assigned transshipment locations. If you have entered a search depth greater than 1, the system also displays the assignments between transshipment locations.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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