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/SCMTMS/TOR_FO_PROC_BATCH - Mass Processing of Freight Orders (A2A, B2B, prepare print)

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You can use this report to automatically process multiple freight orders. The SAP TM system sends the selected freight orders to the carrier and updates the subcontracting status. The SAP TM system sends the freight orders to the SAP ERP system and updates the status of the transfer to SAP ERP. Shipments are created or changed automatically in the ERP system.

The system sets the execution status to "Ready for Transportation Execution". This ensures that all prerequisites are fulfilled with the result that the relevant print documents can be printed.

The system fixes the freight orders.

When a freight order is sent and a shipment is created in the SAP ERP system, the report sets the status of the processed freight order to "not relevant for sending". In order to avoid sending freight orders that have already been transferred to the SAP ERP system, the report allows you to check if the selected freight orders are relevant for sending.

If the freight order is changed in the SAP TM system, the system resets the status to "Relevant for the Sending Process".

Services that are triggered by the SAP ERP system do not change this status.



Freight orders exist that are ready to be sent to the business partner using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or print document, for example, a carrier was assigned.

You have specified the following output options in the freight order type in Customizing:

  • Output Profile/SCMTMS/TOR_PRINT_ROAD
  • Additional Output Profile /SCMTMS/TOR

You have optionally defined a selection profile.



You can select a selection profile or manually enter the selection criteria. Additionally, you can specify whether the freight orders are to be processed in parallel.

Standard Variants


If you have selected the corresponding checkbox, all messages that the system creates during report execution are saved in the application log under object /SCMTMS/TMS and subobject BP.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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