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/SCMTMS/TOR_SET_COMPLETED - Set Freight Documents to Life Cycle Status Completed

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You can use this report to set the life cycle status of open freight documents to Completed.



This report is relevant for you if you observe the following symptoms:

  • The performance of your SAP TM system decreased over time
  • You have millions of freight documents, not having life cycle status Cancelled or Completed, and not being changed anymore

In general freight documents should always be set to life cycle status Completed after being completed from a business perspective.

There are several follow up processes that only run on freight documents that have life cycle status Completed. Examples are data archiving, or a system upgrade. In addition the overall performance slows the more documents are stored in the system. Archiving completed freight documents from time to time helps to keep the system performance up.

Usually, to set the life cycle status to Completed, you should use the standard report /SCMTMS/TOR_FO_PROC_BATCH. It triggers all activities that would be performed by the system, when the life cycle of a freight document would be explicitly set to Completed. Examples for such activities are the recalculation of transportation charges, printing, or writing the change history.

In cases where only a large number of freight documents need to be set to life cycle status Completed without checking or touching related documents like forwarding orders, transportation requirements or settlement documents, you can use this report. It just validates that the specified freight documents can be set to life cycle status Completed. Since this is done directly on database level without triggering any follow up processes, or checking dependent documents, this is possible with much better performance and lower memory consumption than with the standard report.

Important: This report sets the life cycle status of freight documents to Completed. It has the following restrictions:

  • No related documents are checked or set to Completed
You must decide if it is necessary to set also related documents to life cycle status Completed. Check SAP Note 2167538 to find further information about how to do this.
  • No change document information is written
  • No administrative data is updated (such as last changed by/last changed on)
Instead, the report updates the information about "life cycle status last changed by/last changed on".
  • The report needs to be executed in each client where the life cycle status should be set to Completed



The selection screen of the program has two areas:

  • Freight Documents
In this area you specify the relevant freight documents. In addition you specify the residence period in days, if it deviates from the freight document type settings.
  • Document: Specify the document numbers of freight documents.

  • Document Category: Specify the freight document categories.

  • Document Type: Specify relevant freight document types.

  • Changed On / Not Changed For (Days): Specify one of these two parameters:

Use the parameter Changed On to specify time intervals where freight documents were last updated in the system, and parameter Not Changed For (days) to specify for how many days a freight document must not have been updated in the system.
  • Charge Calc. Status: Specify the charge calculation status. By default only freight documents with charge calculation status Calculated are processed.

  • Only Completely Invoiced Doc.: Process only completely invoiced freight documents.

  • Selection Profile:Optional. Specify a selection profile to further restrict relevant freight documents.

  • Arch. Residence Period (Days): Specify a value for this parameter to override the residence period defined in the freight document type Customizing.

After the life cycle status is set to Completed, the report automatically calculates the residence period for archiving and updates the freight document.
  • Collect Docs for BW Upload: Collect processed documents for an upload to business warehouse.

The system collects processed freight documents that meet the following conditions:
- The freight documents are relevant for BW
- The Direct Output AgentTOR_BW_EXTRACTION is enabled
- There is at least one life cycle status defined in the Customizing for TO BW relevance.
  • Trigger BW Data Extraction: Schedule a batch job (COMPLETED_TOR_BWUPLOAD) for BW data extraction, after all freight documents have been processed.

  • Technical Settings
In this area you specify the maximum memory allocation of the report in megabytes. In addition, you can specify to run the report in simulation mode, to simulate freight document processing without updating the database.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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