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/SCTM/CREATE_ZONE - Create Zones

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You use this report to automatically create transportation zones for selected countries or regions.



  • You have validated the scenario.
  • You have selected the correct set of transportation zones to be created.



1. Select the relevant countries (directly or by searching using a pattern).

We do not recommend that you create transportation zones for all of the available countries or country regions since doing so can have a negative impact on system performance and usability.

2. Choose the required creation option. You have the following choices:

Create Country Zones: One transportation zone is created for each country; the system takes into account the entire country as defined.

Create Region Zones: The system determines all of the available regions for each selected country. One transportation zone is created for each of these regions; the system takes into account the entire region as defined. If a region is not defined for a country, one transportation zone is created that covers the entire country.

3. Enter a prefix if required. If you do not enter a prefix, the system creates the transportation zones using the country and region identifiers.

Note that before you save the transportation zones, you can still cancel the process.

Standard Variants


The function displays all of the check results and the created transportation zones.

Once they have been created, the new transportation zones are available for business processes and can be checked in transportation zone maintenance.

If checks are not passed, the report does not create transportation zones. Transportation zones, locations, or supply chain units are not created if they have the same identifier as a transportation zone, location, or supply chain unit that already exists. In this case, you must either delete the existing objects before creating the new ones or enter an alternative prefix.



If you enter the country DE (Germany) and the prefix TRA, and specify that you want to create region zones, the report creates transportation zones TRA_DE_01 to TRA_DE_16.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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