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/SCWM/DPP_CREATE_SORT_EWM - SoRT Data Creation for Existing EWM Documents

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You use this report to enter the start of retention time (SoRT) information for all documents that refer to business partners in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

If you need to perform an end of purpose check in EWM, the system requires the SoRT information to completely check the end of purpose for any business partner. If you have activated the business function BUPA_ILM_BF, the system automatically updates the SoRT information for all documents referring to business partners when the document is completed. However, if you activate the function and already have completed documents in the database or archive, the SoRT information is not automatically updated for those documents.

You need to run this report once you have maintained all ILM policies for the ILM objects in EWM and the EWM documents are assigned to an ILM rule group via the ILM live policy.

You can also use this report to update the SoRT information after any changes of the ILM live policies or rule groups.



The business functions ILM and BUPA_ILM_BF are activated in EWM.



Select the EWM document types for which you want to fill or update the SoRT information. The system updates the BUTSORT table.

Optionally, you can restrict the run to specific warehouse numbers or business partners. If archived documents exist, select the Select Documents from Archive checkbox.

In the case of a change of your ILM live policies, you might need to delete existing entries from the BUTSORT table. To do this, select the Delete Existing SORT Data checkbox.

Standard Variants

In the standard set-up, the system selects all documents in EWM.



You can access this report in transaction SE38.

You can schedule this report as a batch job with a variant.


You have setup ILM live policies for ILM objects DLV_OUT and DLV_INB (outbound deliveries and inbound deliveries) in EWM. You want to update the existing completed inbound and outbound deliveries, including some archived documents.

You choose the Deliveries option and run the report for all warehouses and business partners. To include the archived documents in the report, you select the Select Documents from Archive checkbox.

The system updates the SoRT data on all the completed inbound and outbound deliveries, including the archived documents.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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