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/SCWM/GBT_R_EVENT_TRANSFER - Transfer SAP GBT Relevant Events from EWM

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This report triggers the events for handling units (HUs), which are relevant for SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT), from EWM to the configured receiver system, that is SAP GBT. The data transfer uses the SOA Web Services runtime. The communication is based on the notification communication pattern.


The report is the trigger point to integrate handling units from EWM into SAP GBT.


  • You have configured the service consumer EWM and the service provider SAP GBT for a point-to-point communication in transaction SOAMANAGER or by using a middleware system like SAP XI.
  • In SAP GBT, you have registered the business system, that is the logical system, as valid data source (transaction /GBT/LOGSYS_CONFIG).
  • In SAP GBT, the Web service user has the necessary authorizations to import event data from the connected data source, that is the logical system. The corresponding authorization object is GBT_B2B.


The service communication works in an asynchronous mode to achieve a maximum on data throughput.


  • Logical system
  • Created at
  • Test modus on or off
  • Trace modus on or off

Standard Variants


If Trace Mode is switched on, a statistic is displayed after the event transfer processing which shows some administrative and runtime information.


Select the appropriate options for events that you want to transfer. If you select no option, all existing events are packed per given package size and transferred to SAP GBT.

If Test Mode is switched on, no event data is updated in both systems, EWM and SAP GBT. You can use this mode for simulation purposes and check the correctness of the communication and the cumulation of the transfer duration time.


In EWM, you can get more details about the XML message processing (transaction SRT_UTIL or SXI_MONITOR)

In SAP GBT, you can display application errors during the XML message processing (transaction SLG1 with object /GBT/).


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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