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/SCWM/IL_ACTIVATE_ODM - Activation of ODM Components for Indirect Labor Tasks

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This transaction activates all the required order data areas, order data types, and components of order document management (ODM) for indirect labor tasks. Only objects of order document management that are also used by indirect labor tasks are considered.





Standard Variants



Execute this transaction in the target system to activate (or convert) ODM settings after installation and after every Customizing transport that contains ODM settings.

You can call this transaction multiple times, since objects that have already been activated are ignored when the transaction is executed again.

Note that executing this transaction may take a few minutes.

If required, you can generate and activate the ODM objects (order data area, order data type, component) in Customizing one by one. For more information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Order Document Management under Activate Settings in Order Document Management and Generate Settings in Order Document Management.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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