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/SCWM/PI_SAMP_DOC_CREATE - PI Sampling Interface - Upload PI Documents to be Created

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You use this report to upload data from a file in order to create physical inventory documents in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

This is the second step of the sample-based physical inventory in the EWM system.



You have downloaded the stock population with report /SCWM/PI_SAMP_STOCK_POP and determined the sample in a third-party system for sample-based physical inventory. You have created a CSV for XLS file on a PC or a CSV file on a server with the data of the sample in the format given by DDIC structure /SCWM/S_UPLOAD_CREATE.

You have enabled the physical inventory procedure ES, for product-based physical inventory, and EL, for location-based physical inventory, in Customizing for the selected phyísical inventory area under Extended Warehouse Management -> SCM Basis -> Physical Inventory -> Basic Settings ->Define Physical Inventory Area.



Enter a valid PI sample ID to use as reference in the physical inventory documents.

Standard Variants


The report uploads a CSV or XLS data file from a PC or a CSV data file from a server and creates physical inventory documents within SAP EWM.

For upload from a server the logical file name EWM_PI_SAMP_CR is used. For more information, see the Customizing activity Cross-Client Maintenance of File Names and Paths.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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