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/SCWM/PRIOP_UPDREQ - Asynchronous Updating of Priority Points for Inbound Deliveries

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With this report, Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) sends an anynchronous request for recalculation of the priority points for inbound deliveries via the ERP system to SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO).




The result of the recalculation of the priority points is communicated by SAP APO to EWM in the same way, via the ERP system, as in the case of the creation of an inbound delivery and the initial calculation of the priority points by SAP APO.

Because EWM sends the request to SAP APO asynchronously, it may be that SAP APO first sends the result to EWM if the status of the warehouse activity at header level is already Completed. In this case, EWM does not update the recalculated priority points in the inbound delivery.


  • Warehouse number (mandatory)
  • Inbound delivery
  • Item
  • Planned delivery date
  • Last update of priority points: This means the time of updating of the inbound delivery
  • Detail display of system messages
If you set this indicator, EWM issues details on the error or warning message of each individual inbound delivery item. Otherwise, EWM issues only collective messages for all selected inbound deliveries. In the standard system, this indicator is not set.
  • Saving of application log
If you set this indicator, EWM saves the application log. You can display the log using transaction SLG1, object /SCWM/WME, subobject PRIOPOINTS. In the standard system, this indicator is set.

Standard Variants


If errors occurred during the sending of the request, EWM displays them. If the indicator for the saving of the application log has been set accordingly, it saves the error messages.

If the request was sent successfully, EWM likewise issues an appropriate message.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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