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/SCWM/RDPP_CREATE_SORT_DAS - Create Start of Retention Time for Existing Appointment Documents

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You use this report to create the start of retention time (SoRT) for existing dock appointment documents that refer to business partners (carriers) in Dock Appointment Scheduling. The system calculates the SoRTs and saves them in the database table BUTSORT.

If you need to perform an End of Purpose check in Dock Appointment Scheduling, the system requires the SoRT information to completely check the end of purpose for any business partner (carrier). If you have activated the Business Function BUPA_ILM_BF, the system automatically updates the SoRT information for all dock appointments referring to business partners (carriers) when the document is completed. However, SoRT information is not automatically updated for any documents that are already complete when you activate this Business Function.

You should run this report if:

  • You activate data protection and privacy functionalities for Dock Appointment Scheduling after you already have completed dock appointment documents.
  • You define a new rule group for Dock Appointment Scheduling via transaction IRM_CUST_CSS (IRM: Customer-Specific Settings). In the Customizing Activity Define and Store Application Rule Variants for EoP Check, you define then a new application rule variant for the new rule group. You should run this report to delete the old SoRT entries from the BUTSORT table and add the new ones. The SoRT is calculated using the new application rule variants.



  • You have authorization for creating loading points (authorization object /SCWM/DSLP).
  • The Business Functions ILMand BUPA_ILM_BF are activated in the system for Dock Appointment Scheduling.



The report identifies the relevant dock appointments depending on your selection criteria of docking location, loading point, and carrier. These criteria are optional.

You can also select whether to delete any SoRT data that already exists in the BUTSORT table.

Standard Variants


The SoRT is saved to the database table BUTSORT. Depending on your settings, any existing SoRT data is deleted.


You can access this report in transaction SE38.

You can schedule this report as a batch job with a variant.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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