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/SCWM/RLM_EWL_COMPLETE - Executed Workload: Determinations for Incomplete Workload Records

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You can use this program to complete executed workloads (EWL). The completion consists of the following optional steps:

  • Determination of the labor activity code and its attributes.
  • Calculation of the travel distance and time
  • Calculation of the normal time based on engineered labor standards (ELS)
  • Calculation of the standard time based on the personal needs, fatigue and unavoidable delay (PFD) factors



  • You have the authorization for object /SCWM/EWLS(EWM Executed Workload - Special Functions) and special function A (Complete Executed Workload).
  • You have EWLs with the status Incomplete (Asynchronous Completion)or Incomplete (Due to Error)in your system.
EWLs with the status Incomplete (Asynchronous Completion) occur if you have activated the asynchronous completion of EWLs in the launchpad for Extended Warehouse Management, under Settings ->Performance Settings ->Activate Asynchronous EWL Completion (transaction /SCWM/EWL_ASYNC).
EWLs with status Incomplete (Due to Error)occur when the completion of the EWL fails due to errors, or if you have implemented the Business Add-In (BAdI) Checking Completion of Executed Workload Record (/SCWM/EX_LM_EWL_COMPLETION). With this BAdI you can abort the completion, for example, if some essential data is missing in the EWL.




Specify the warehouse number for which you want to complete the executed workloads.

Time Period

Define the relevant time for which you want to complete the executed workloads.

Program Control

If you run the program in simulation mode, the completion is not stored on the database.

Standard Variants


The system displays an application log with all relevant messages and with a list of all failed EWLs. If the program is run in the background or not in simulation mode, the system saves the application log.

You can find the application log in transaction SLG1using the following details:

  • Object: /SCWM/WME
  • Subobject: EWL



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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