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/SCWM/RP_COMPLIANCE_CHECK - License Compliance Check

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You can use this report to check the following on the high level:

  • The usage of basic warehouse management or extended warehouse management.
  • The compliance of usage. This means whether you have acknowledged the usage mode of extended warehouse management while actually using it.

The extended warehouse management is as follows:

  • Inventory Management Optimization (for example, Slotting)
  • Inbound Process Optimization
  • Outbound Process Optimization (for example, Waves)
  • Material Flow Control
  • Yard Management (for example, TU handling, Dock Appointment Scheduling)
  • Labor Management
  • Value Added Services
  • Kitting
  • Cross Docking
  • Warehouse Billing
  • Cartonization Planning
  • TM Integration
  • IDOC based integration to MFS subsystems


For more information about details of the usage and compliance results, see /SCWM/RP_LICENCE_ANALYSISreport.


You need to have authorization object: /SCWM/SLFU(EWM Special Functions per Warehouse Number).



To run the report, you can enter your specific warehouse number. If no warehouse number is entered, the report checks license compliance for all warehouses.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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