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CPI1466 during Backup   ROGBILLS - Synchronize billing plans  
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You use this report to perform ABC analysis for the products in your warehouse.

ABC analysis is a procedure to determine the importance of an object. You perform an ABC analysis to classify products according to specific criteria or performance measures. Each product is assigned to a group that indicates its importance. By default, the groups are: A, B, and C – however, you can choose any number of groups up to 12.

In the Analysis Strategy Selectionscreen area, you define how the products are assigned to the categories by choosing the ABC analysis basis and whether you want to use percentages or actual numbers.

In the standard system, the groups are formed based on percentages of the confirmed warehouse tasks. This is the combination of the ABC analysis basis No. of Confirmed WTSand the Basis in %radio button. For example: The top 80% of the confirmed warehouse tasks form group A, the next 15% of confirmed warehouse tasks form group B. The products with the remaining 5% of the tasks are assigned to group C.

If you want to group the products directly, select the Prod. No. radio button. For example, the top 5 products with regard to confirmed warehouse tasks are group A, the next 20 products are group B, all remaining products will be group C.

For each category, you can assign indicators to be updated in the product master of the products in the corresponding group. For example, you want to assign storage section indicators according to the category, where fast-movers (group A) get a storage section indicator for fast-moving products and slow-movers (group C) get an indicator for storage sections for slow-moving products. You choose the Upd. StorSecIndcheckbox and choose the level where you want to update the storage section indicators.



You have confirmed warehouse tasks in your warehouse.



This report selects only confirmed warehouse tasks for analysis. Cancelled warehouse tasks or open warehouse tasks are not included in the analysis.

To avoid long run times for the report, we recommend that you define as selection criteria the time range in which the confirmed warehouse tasks should be selected, and enter the warehouse process category and warehouse process type to limit the selection of warehouse tasks to certain processes. For example, you select the product group of medium sized products, for the month of May, for process category 2, and the warehouse process type for picking.

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SUBST_MERGE_LIST - merge external lists to one complete list with #if... logic for R3up   ROGBILLS - Synchronize billing plans  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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