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/SCWM/R_DIFF_ANA_STOCK_CHANGE - Change Stock Type in Difference Analyzer

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You use this report to select all difference items from the Difference Analyzerthat match the selection criteria and change their stock type to the destination stock type provided. By changing the stock type, you can post the stock to a different storage location in SAP ERP. For example, you can make lost stock unavailable in SAP ERP by posting the corresponding difference from storage location AFS to another one.

The report is intended to be scheduled as a background job. If you want to use this functionality in the foreground, use the corresponding action in the Difference Analyzer instead.

You cannot use this report for quality inspection stock or returns stock and you cannot use it for negative differences for serialized products.


We recommend that you use a dedicated target stock type and SAP ERP storage location for this scenario. If you use this function for negative differences too, you need to allow negative stocks in the target storage location to avoid errors if the stock level falls below zero.


You have assigned a tolerance group to the background user executing this program. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Extended Warehouse Management -> Settings ->Physical Inventory ->Assign User to Tolerance Group for Difference Analyzer.



The selection criteria correspond to the default values and search criteria in the Difference Analyzer.

You can use the checkboxesInclude Positive Differencesand Include Negative Differences to restrict the selection to differences with either positive or negative quantities. By default, the program selects only positive differences. Pure catch-weight differences, in other words differences that do not differ in the logistic quantity, are considered positive if the difference in the catch-weight quantity is positive.

You can use the checkbox Include Differences in HUs to select difference items contained in HUs. If you change the stock type of such a difference and later find the complete HU again during a physical inventory, the HU is re-created with the new stock type. You can change the stock type back to the original stock type in the Posting Change for Warehouse Number (/SCWM/POST) transaction or the Change Stock Type (/SCWM/R_STOCK_TYPE_CHANGE) report.

Standard Variants




You want to update the stock type in all differences from F2to another stock type that does not belong to storage location AFS in SAP ERP, so that they are no longer available for sale. You perform the following steps:

  • You enter the warehouse number.
  • You select all the checkboxes in the Default Valuesscreen area.
  • In the Product Data screen area, in the Stock Type field, you enter the source stock type F2.
  • In the Destinationscreen area, you enter the destination stock type.
  • You save the variant and schedule it as a background job.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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