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/SCWM/R_DLV_POST_GI_PSA - Post Goods Movement for Production Supply Area

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You can use the Post Goods Issue in PSAprogram to post the goods issue for the stock in a production supply area (PSA) that is assigned to an outbound delivery order for production supply. If you are using the program for goods issue posting, you do not need to monitor the stock in the PSA to post the goods issue manually.



  • You can make settings for the application log in transaction Activate Application Log. Maintain the settings for this program for subobject DLV_GM_PP_SCHED.



You can start the program for a warehouse or for a set of PSAs in a warehouse number.

Standard Variants

The system generates variants !TRIGWarehouse (example !TRIG0001) for each warehouse number when the warehouse task confirmation starts the program for the first time in the warehouse. Do not use these variant names for standard scheduling of the program.



  • You can schedule the program as a regular background job, or run it manually.
  • If you set the flag Trigger GI in the IMG activity Define Production Supply Area (PSA), the program is scheduled when a warehouse task for an outbound delivery order is confirmed in the PSA.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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