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/SCWM/R_MFG_PDI_COMPLETE - Completion of Open Inbound Deliveries

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You can use this report to complete open inbound deliveries once you do not expect to receive any more products for a manufacturing order. For example, if a physical HU received from production loses its label, and you create a new HU to receive it, the original HU is still open in the system but the physical HU has been received. With the report, you can reverse the actions that have already been performed on the original inbound delivery and set the delivery quantity to zero.



You have authorizations for the authorization object /SCWM/SLFU (field 'RH'). For more information, see the documentation of the authorization object.

The open inbound deliveries have an existing manufacturing order reference.

Any putaway warehouse tasks for the inbound delivery have not been confirmed.



You must enter the warehouse number and the exception code. All other fields are optional. For good performance, SAP recommends that you specify your selection as precisely as possible.

Once you have entered the warehouse number, input help is available for the exception code.

  • If you select Putaway Not Started, only HUs where no putaway warehouse tasks have been created are displayed.
  • If you select Goods Receipt Not Started, only HUs for which goods receipt has not been posted are displayed.

Standard Variants


The report displays HUs matching the selection criteria in the form of a list. You can reverse the HUs in the selected lines completely to complete the open inbound deliveries.

If you have activated the application log, you can display the application log from the selection screen. When the report runs in the background, the log is written into application log /SCWM/WME. The system creates the application log depending on the settings of the subobject /SCWM/MFG_PDI_COMPL.

To activate the application log, on the launchpad, choose Settings-> Application Log->Activate Application Log (transaction /SCWM/ACTLOG).



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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