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/SCWM/R_MFG_STAGING - Schedule Staging for Production

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This report allows you to schedule the process for staging products for production based on production material requests (PMR) regularly.

If you want to plan the staging manually, you can use the Staging for Production screen. On the launchpad, choose Work Scheduling ->Staging for Production.



You have configured the following settings for your product in the PSA Assignment to Bin by Entitled/Product screen:

  • Staging method
  • Quantity calculation type
  • Minimum quantity with a valid unit of measure
  • Replenishment quantity with a valid unit of measure

To access PSA Assignment to Bin by Entitled/Product, on the launchpad, choose Extended Warehouse Management ->Master Data ->Production Supply Area (PSA) ->Assign Bin to PSA/Product/Entitled in Warehouse Number.


The system schedules the warehouse tasks for staging for production for the criteria you enter in this screen, for example, warehouse, production staging area, staging method, and time period.

You can schedule the staging run in the background using a variant that contains the input parameters, or you can schedule it manually.

The system collects all open staging requirements and creates the corresponding staging warehouse tasks. You must specify a time beyond which the system does not collect open staging requirements. You can determine this time limit either as a number of hours from the current time or as a specific point in time.

For example, if you choose Period Ends in Hours from Now and specify four hours, the system searches for all open PMRs with a requirement start date and requirement start time that falls inside that four-hour window.

If you select the Test Mode checkbox, the staging process is executed but the system does not save the warehouse tasks and does not write a log in the database.

If you select the Show Log checkbox and schedule the report manually, the system displays the report log.

Standard Variants

To access this report, on the launchpad, choose Extended Warehouse Management ->Work Scheduling ->Staging for Production ->Schedule Staging for Production, or use transaction /SCWM/STAGE.


This report creates warehouse tasks for staging PMR items and writes a log to database.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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