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/SCWM/R_MFS_GEN_PLC_OBJ - Generate PLC Objects from EWM Objects

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You can use this report to map EWM object storage bin to PLC object storage bin. You require this mapping if the name of a storage bin in EWM does not match the name of a storage bin in the PLC. For example, storage bin HR-01-02-03 in EWM corresponds to storage bin PS 030201 in the PLC.

If the PLC object matches the EWM object, no mapping is necessary.





  1. Enter the warehouse number.
  2. Enter the storage type (optional).
  3. Enter a storage bin restriction (optional). If you only enter the storage type without a restriction, the system performs a mapping for all storage bins.
  4. Select whether the mapping is to be done using the coordinate template or the BAdI (optional).
  5. Enter the PLC.

If you want to copy part of the bin, you must fill out the coordinate template as follows:

The digits in the coordinate template correspond to the digits in the original EWM storage bin. This means that the first field of the coordinate template corresponds to the first digit of the storage bin.

You can then define a value for the EWM storage bin in the PLC object by entering incremental values (starting at 1 and without gaps).

For the example above, you must make the following entries:

  • 4th digit of coordinate template = 5
  • 5th digit of coordinate template = 6
  • 7th digit of coordinate template = 3
  • 8th digit of coordinate template = 4
  • 10th digit of coordinate template = 1
  • 11th digit of coordinate template = 2

If you want to use the BAdI to perform this mapping, you must execute an implementation for BAdI /SCWM/EX_MFS_GEN_PLCOBJ from enhancement spot /SCWM/ES_MFS and interface /SCWM/IF_EX_MFS_GEN_PLCOBJ, using method MAP_EWM_TO_PLC.

Standard Variants


After making the selection, a table is displayed which contains the EWM storage bin in the first column, and the mapped PLC object in the second column.


If the mapping matches your expectations, you can choose the Update button or function key F8 to update the data in the database.

If the mapping does not match your expectations, return to the selection and either change the coordinate template or your BAdI implementation.


TXBHW - Original Tax Base Amount in Local Currency   Vendor Master (General Section)  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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