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/SCWM/R_PDO_COMPLETE - Zero Quantity Item Completion for Outbound Delivery Orders

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You can use this report to create an outbound delivery (FDO) for items in an outbound delivery order (PDO) that have quantity zero and satisfy other conditions described below.

Zero items may arise for example:

  • If a user sets the quantity of an item to zero in transaction /SCWM/PRDO
  • In the case of pick denial

The corresponding delivery item in the ERP system is not completed automatically. The user can complete this process manually by choosing Create Outbound Deliveryin transaction /SCWM/PRDO (Maintain Outbound Delivery Order) to create an outbound delivery (FDO) for such items. The purpose of the report is to replace this manual process for a set of selected PDOs.



In order to use this report, the user needs the same authorization as needed for transaction/SCWM/PRDO.


The report has two processing modes, simulation or update, controlled by a corresponding indicator on the selection screen.

Simulation gives the user an advance view of what the changes that report would make, without writing any changes to the database. In update mode, the report performs the described action directly when processing the selection, without further user interaction. Log entries are written and displayed as output.


Choosing the warehouse number is mandatory. The following blocks provide options to restrict the set of PDOs you wish to process.

In the Documents block, you may filter by document number of the outbound delivery orders themselves or of their corresponding ERP documents.

In the Administrative Data block, further restriction is possible according to the user who created the document or the time at which the document was created. Absolute or relative date specification is offered here.

Parameters in the Processing Optionsblock fine tune the operation of the report on the selected documents. Besides the already mentioned simulation indicator, package size allows a limit to be set on the number of PDO items processed in one program step, a measure to prevent the report from running out of memory for very large selection results.

The Unprocessed Non-Zero Item Checkindicator checks that no other items exist in the PDO which are still unprocessed and not zero. If you have selected the indicator and a PDO item is found, then all other items in that PDO are removed from the result list of the selection, that is no action will be performed on them.

Standard Variants


The report display uses the application log. There is one general log entry which contains messages for start and end of processing, the number of documents selected and failures that occur during the attempt to create an FDO for an item. In addition, for each PDO for which an FDO is created, a separate log entry is created containing the PDO number and a message line for each zero item contained in the new FDO.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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