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/SCWM/R_PI_FILEUPLD - Upload Storage Bins and Count Data

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You can use this report to upload data from a file from an external physical inventory (PI) system and create PI documents within SAP EWM.


The structure of the upload file is defined by the structure /SCWM/S_PI_STOCK_DWNLD. This structure is also used within the transaction Download Storage Bins and Count Data.


You have enabled the physical inventory procedure ES, for product-based physical inventory, and EL, for location-based physical inventory, in Customizing for the selected physical inventory area under Extended Warehouse Management -> SCM Basis -> Physical Inventory -> Basic Settings ->Define Physical Inventory Area.



You must enter the reason for the physical inventory procedure. Alternatively, you can use Customizing under Extended Warehouse Management-> Internal Warehouse Processes->Physical Inventory -> Warehouse-Number-Specific Settings->Reason and Priority ->Define Standard Reason for Each Phys. Inv. Procedure.

Standard Variants


The report uploads a CSV or XLS data file from a PC or a CSV data file from a server and creates physical inventory documents within SAP EWM.

For upload from a server the logical file name EWM_PI_UPLOAD is used. For more information, see the Customizing activity Cross-Client Maintenance of File Names and Paths.


For more information about how to fill the file data, see the SAP note 1507702.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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