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/SCWM/R_PI_INVCOUNT - Count Physical Inventory Document

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This program offers the possibility to store the count results in EWM and count a Physical Inventory documents easier and faster.


It is possible to navigate to corresponding Physical inventory document. This Program uses the same services and customizing settings as the standard UI transaction /SCWM/PI_PROCESS . It is not possible to check, change and store the hierarchy on the bin within this program (e.g. there are HU's on the bin. These HU's includes other HU's and so on...). It is only possible to count the stock on a HU or a bin directly. It is not possible to count HU's (e.g. HU complete, HU missing, HU empty, HU is on an other HU, new HU and so on...). It is not possible to find new product within this transaction. The user works always with proposal. That mean, during the PI document creation the system made a snapshot of the stock. This stock situation will be provided by the system during entering the count results using this transaction.




The user has to define the default parameters: Warehouse and Physical Inventory Year. It is possible to select the Physical inventory documents by PI document number or Warehouse Order. If Labor Management is switched to active in the Warehouse, it will only be possible to select by Warehouse Order. In this case a processor, defined for the counter, and the end date/time must be entered.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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