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/SCWM/R_PI_STOCK_DWNLD - Download Storage Bins and Count Data

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You can use this report to select physical inventory-relevant data within SAP EWM and download it to a file, so that it can be used by an external PI system.


The structure of the upload file is defined by the structure /SCWM/S_PI_STOCK_DWNLD. This structure is also used within the transaction Upload Storage Bins and Count Data.


You have enabled the physical inventory procedure ES, for product-based physical inventory, and EL, for location-based physical inventory, in Customizing for the selected physical inventory area under Extended Warehouse Management -> SCM Basis -> Physical Inventory -> Basic Settings ->Define Physical Inventory Area.

You have determined and set the prices from SAP ERP (by using transaction Determine and Set Prices from ERP).



Standard Variants


The report downloads this data as a CSV or XLS data file to a PC or as a CSV data file to a server, so that it can be used by an external system.

For download to a server the logical file name EWM_PI_DOWNLOAD is used. For more information, see Customizing activity Cross-Client Maintenance of File Names and Paths.

Within this step, the fields QUAN (Book Inventory Quantity), UNIT (Base Unit of Measure), VPRSV (Price Control Indicator), VERPR (Moving Average Price/Periodic Unit Price), WAERS (Currency Key) are filled for product-based physical inventory.

The report produces only one line for stock in a bin that has the same stock attributes. This can happen if there are multiple HUs with the same stock in one bin. As the HU information is not downloaded, the quantities of the stock are accumulated. If there are different alternative UoMs for stock with the same attributes in one bin, the quantity is only returned in the base UoM.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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