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This report sets the status DWM for sending messages. This enables systems to be informed that an inbound delivery item is completed. As long as the inbound delivery item is not yet completed, you can correct its warehouse task. If necessary, you can also make these corrections for already confirmed warehouse tasks and make a confirmation correction, for example. When you have completed the correction of such warehouse tasks, you can use this report to close the associated inbound delivery items. For more information, refer to the SAP Library under SAP Supply Chain Management ->Extended Warehouse ManagementGoods Receipt.


After the system has set the status DWM to Scheduled, the system schedules this report with the completion delay you defined under Define Delay in Completion of Inbound Deliveries. When the report has run, the system closes the delivery item and sends a confirmation message to the ERP system.


  • You have defined the completion delay for the inbound delivery in the corrresponding warehouse and for the corresponding item type.
  • The user who updates the inbound delivery must have authorization to generate background jobs and variants.


The report sets the status DWM to Completed. As a result, the system also sets the inbound delivery item to completed.


The report can only be started via variants. The system generates a separate variant for each delivery.

Standard Variants



Schedule the report as a background job.

You can also run the report manually. However, in this case the system does not check the completion delay and can immediately set the delivery items to closed.


Addresses (Business Address Services)   Addresses (Business Address Services)  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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