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/SCWM/R_PSA_REPLICATE - Replicate Production Supply Area (PSA)

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You can use the PSA_REPLICATE program to:

  • delete PSAs and their mapping in EWM


  1. The report calls an ERP system by using remote function call (RFC), on the basis of the predefined selection criteria.
  2. ERP determines the ERP system with the specified party entitled to dispose, who is in turn assigned to a plant in ERP (ERP plant). It is also possible to define the ERP plant directly as input parameter (via plant, logical system).
  3. In the ERP system the assigned storage locations are checked for PSAs.
  • If you set Only EWM Stor. Loc.only those storage locations are checked, which are linked to the EWM warehouse number.

  • If you do not set Only EWM Stor. Loc. the PSA is replicated regardless of its connection.

  • It is also possible to fully specify the PSA to be replicated using plant, logical system, storage location and PSA parameters.

  • In foreground mode the selected PSAs are listed in an ALV Grid.

  • After selecting the PSAs in the ALV and pressing F8 the PSAs will be created or deleted.

  • In background mode all PSAs - which fit for the select options - will be created or deleted.




You can select as many objects as you require:

  • Warehouse Number: This is a mandatory entry. All data saved in this warehouse number will be evaluated. If you do not specify the entitled, the evaluation is based on the warehouse number.
  • Party Entitled to Dispose: used to determine the ERP system from where the PSA is replicated (if not specified by other parameters).
  • Only EWM Stor. Loc.: specifies if all or only those storage locations are selected in the ERP system, which are linked to the warehouse number. Default value is the selected value.
  • Plant: specifies the target plant in the logical system.
  • Logical system: specifies the ERP system.
  • Storage location: specifies the storage location in the ERP system. Only PSAs within this storage location will be selected.
  • Supply Area: filters the PSAs in the ERP system.
  • Delete Entries:deletes the definition of the PSA and mapping information.
  • Create Entries: creates/overwrites the PSA definition and mapping information.


After specifying input parameters a list of PSAs is displayed. Select entries from the list and press Replicate (F8) to delete or create entries.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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