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/SCWM/R_STOCK_CONS - Stock Consolidation

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Stock consolidation assists in storage space optimization. This functionality helps to combine partial stock quantities that are distributed among several storage bins into full quantities. It can also be used to free storage bins that currently have partial quantities in them.

You can select stock items that the stock consolidation uses to propose possible warehouse tasks. Then you can create warehouse tasks from the proposals.

Consolidation happens in the following use cases:

Use Case - Consolidation on Work Center

All stock items that meet the selection criteria can be moved to the work center. The stock consolidation proposes moving partial quantities to the work center. Once the warehouse tasks are confirmed, a warehouse worker can build packages, pallets, or full quantities from the partial quantities at the work center. Note that packing proposals are not part of stock consolidation.

Use Case - Consolidation on Storage Bins

Partial quantities are moved to other storage bins that have partial quantities of the same stock items. In the standard proposals, the larger quantities stay in the storage bin while the smaller quantities are moved to the storage bin with the larger quantities.

For both use cases, stock consolidation indicates how many full quantities can be built by the consolidation proposals and how many bins can be freed.



You have authorization for the authorization object /SCWM/SLFU. For more information, see /SCWM/SLFU.

You can enhance stock consolidation with the following Business Add-Ins (BAdIs):


Stock consolidation first selects the stock that matches your selection criteria. On the following screen, the system displays proposals for stock consolidation based on the parameters you enter on the selection screen. You can evaluate the proposals and you can selectively create warehouse tasks from the proposals.


Enter your selection criteria for stock items. You must enter a warehouse number.

Enter the parameters for the proposal generation. You must enter a warehouse process type for warehouse task creation.

If you enter a work center, stock consolidation assumes that the actual consolidation happens at the work center. The system creates proposals to move all matching stock to the work center. If you want to consolidate in the storage bins, do not enter a work center.

The following stock items are excluded from the calculation of proposals in the standard system:

  • Stock with reference documents, that is, reference to warehouse requests
  • Stock in transportation units
  • Stock on resources
  • Stock that is already a full quantity or exceeds full quantity
  • Stock on bins that are blocked for putaway and blocked for removal (both blocks at same time)
  • Stock on bins with open outgoing warehouse tasks
  • Stock on bins with active inventory documents, unless you explicitly include these on the selection screen

Standard Variants


The system displays the proposals for warehouse tasks once you execute the selection. The actual creation of warehouse tasks can be triggered from that screen as well.


On the selection screen, you enter the stock selection criteria and parameters for the proposal generation.

On the following screen, the system displays a list of the group of stock items that can be consolidated. The system also displays details about how many bins could be freed and how many full quantities could be build. In the list below the stock groups, you can review the detailed proposals for moves and selectively trigger the warehouse task creation for proposals.


You select your storage type and storage section for slow-moving material in the selection screen. You want to combine partial quantities into the highest unit of measure, which is pallets with UoM PAL.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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