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/SCWM/R_TATT_DELETE - Deletion of Time and Attendance Data

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You use this report to delete time & attendance data (time events) that is stored in the database table /SCWM/LM_TATT. This can be done in dialog mode, or as a batch job to delete the data on a regular basis.



Time events exist in the database table /SCWM/LM_TATT.



You use selection criteria provided on the selection screen to select the time events to be deleted.

Standard Variants


In dialog mode, a list of time events found in database that meet the selection criteria is displayed on execution. Pressing F8 or the execute icon again will start the actual deletion.

In dialog and batch mode, a log is written with success, warning, and error messages from the deletion run. The report deletes as many time events as possible. If there are any warnings that affect specific entries only, the system does not stop processing.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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