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/SCWM/R_TATT_UPLOAD - Upload of Time and Attendance Data

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You use this report to upload time and attendance data (time events) into the system. This can be done in the following ways:

  • In dialog mode for manual upload
  • As a batch job to regularly upload data from the same location on the application server
The batch job can be used to set up integration with an external time and attendance system that can export data to a CSV format.



You must provide the data as an input file in CSV format. This can be provided by the user (in dialog mode) or stored on the application server (in dialog and batch mode).

The columns of the input file must conform to the structure of DDIC structure /SCWM/S_LM_TATT_UPLOAD. The report ignores the first line of the input file as a header line.

You must fill the EVENT_DATE and EVENT_TIME fields using the ABAP formats YYMMDD for the date and HHMMSS for the time. The data in these fields must be in the time zone of the warehouse.

Inserting New Time Events

To insert a new time event, only the PRR_ID or PERNR, EVENT_DATE and EVENT_TIME fields have to be filled. You can enter data in the EVENT_DIRECTION field. If it is left empty, the system sets the field data to "unknown". The EVENT_REASON field is optional.

You can fill either the PRR_ID (processor) or PERNR (personnel number) field to identify your processors. If both are filled, the system checks whether the right personnel number was entered for the given processor.

The following example shows two entries for the same processor, with and without reason:

PRR1|| 20170728| 090000||| I||
PRR1|| 20170728| 120000||| O| LUNCH|

Updating Existing Time Events

To update an existing time event, the EVENT_DATE and EVENT_TIME fields have to contain the original data from before the desired change (so that the system can find the old entry). You enter the new date or time in the EVENT_DATE_NEW and EVENT_TIME_NEW fields. You can also change the PRR_ID or PERNR field and the EVENT_DIRECTION and EVENT_REASON fields.

The following example shows changing the time of an entry to 8:30 and changing the reason to "WORK":

PRR1|| 20170728| 090000| 20170728| 083000| I| WORK|

Note that it is not allowed to have two or more entries for the same processor pointing to the same new time and date in the upload file.

Deleting Existing Time Events

To delete an existing time event, the PRR_ID or PERNR field and the EVENT_DATE and EVENT_TIME fields have to be filled, and the DEL_FLAG field has to be filled with an 'X'.

The following example shows a deletion of two entries:

PRR1|| 20170728| 090000||||| X
PRR1|| 20170728| 120000||||| X



  • Warehouse Number
Specify the warehouse number for which data is to be uploaded. You can upload data for multiple warehouses only by running the report several times.
  • File Name
This can be a logical or a physical file name. Select the appropriate radio buttons to specify the file type.
If you are using logical file names, define the logical file name in transaction SFILE or adapt the predefined file name EWM_TATT_UPLOAD.
  • Create as external
If you select this checkbox, the time events created will be marked as external on the database. You cannot change entries marked as external manually in the warehouse monitor. Select this checkbox if your time events are transferred from an external system, and you want changes to be done in that system only.

Standard Variants


In dialog mode, the system displays a list of time events found in the source file when you execute the report. To start the actual upload, press F8 or click the execute button again.

In dialog and batch mode, the system writes a log of the success and error messages from the upload. The report uploads as many time events as possible. If there are errors that affect specific entries only, the system continues processing the other entries.


You can display existing logs for time event upload by pressing the log icon on the selection screen or the result screen.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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