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/SCWM/SCM_BAS_PAK_IPPE_XPRA - Upgrade report for putting Pack. Specs from SCM 4.1 -> SCM 5.0

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This report is used to move the packaging specification data from database tables into iPPE from SCM 4.1 to SCM 5.0 or higher.



The XPRA report is only run if:

  • The source release of the upgrade is SCM 4.1.
  • The target release of the upgrade is SCM 5.0 or higher.

The report was programmed only to be carried out during the upgrade and is aborted if you start the report online or in the course of normal background processing.


Standard Variants



The report reads the packaging specification data in each client in a system. It then copies the entries to the new tables. The following schema shows the data flow:

Source tableTarget table

For each level with assigned level elements in a packaging specification, an element group is created. Therefore, at least one internal interval for number range object '/SCWM/PS' is needed.

The number for a newly created element group is drawn from the interval assigned to the packaging specification group the packaging specification belongs to. If the interval is not internal or no free number is available, the report takes all other internal intervals of the number range object '/SCWM/PS' into account. If no free number is available, the report is stopped, and a new interval must be created or an existing interval expanded. Afterwards, the report can be restarted.

After the data has been sucessfully converted, the report deletes the source data.

Restarting the Program

If you need to restart, you can restart the XPRA report in the upgrade. Processing is then continued.


You can test the report online in SAP internal systems if you set the user parameter /SCWM/PS_XPRA_TEST:

  • ' ': The report runs as in the upgrade (meaning that it aborts during normal processing).
  • 'E': The report runs in test mode and performs all database operations (including physical deletion of source data). The report also issues a log and measures the runtime. Use this variant of the user parameter very carefully, since you can only start the report once using this option.
  • 'X' or any other value: The report runs in test mode, but does not make any changes to the database. The report also issues a log and measures the runtime.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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